You are becoming part of one of the most important environmental and social network of the planet!

Being an ECO-affiliate you are entitled to:

  • Run a legal business of ANY nature.
  • Negotiate with ECO-nomY the cost in ECO-points of the products you consider.
  • Accept  all the ECO-points transactions with confidence since ECO-nomY is backing them up.
  • Respect all the rules and procedure defined by  ECO-nomY.
  • Encourage sustainable practices within your organization.
  • Put the logo of ECO-nomY on a visible place.

There are many advantages for an ECO-affiliate:

  • Brand recognition.
  • Free publicity under ECO-nomY.
  • Positive image for supporting green practices.
  • Sales increase.
  • Product/service differentiation.
  • Access to many more customers.
  • Increase of the internet presence.
  • Voice to voice publicity.
  • And many more.