There are several energy sources but, in order to improve the operation, flexibility,reliability and efficiency there is a big trend to connect them to a bigger system called the Smart Grid.

Old SmartGrid

So far, Smart Grid’s  energy sources and all the equipment related with transmission, distribution and connection of them, include:

Nuclear, Thermal, Hydraulic, Fossil and  Renewable ( solar , wind, tide, biofuel).

Our  contribution is that we can now add and extra source of energy: Human Energy.

Energy from humans is clean, pure, available and very important :renewable.

New SmartGrid

What if people were a very important contributor of energy. In our proposal for a greener world, humans  can make a better contribution  by supplying their own energy. Helping  human energy powered technology could bring enormous benefits and impacts on several fields: Environment, Energy, Health, Economy and Society.

All kind of energy sources which are renewable and ECOfriendly can be considered as ECOenergy sources:

Renewable energy (Solar, wind , tide, biomass, Algae) and Human energy.

In our ECOnomY all the ECOenergy sources are welcome to join. By grouping them all we are generating a lot of advantages which are not currently present:

  • Real time information of the sustainable sources in terms of Energy in Kwh.
  • Online data of the world… in real time
  • Daily information of the contribution of ECOenergy to avoid GHE gases.
  • Economic behavior and interaction of sustainability.
  • Separate information by each type of source.
  • Better usage of help funds for sustainability.
  • Financial incentives for manufacturers and buyers of ECOfriendly equipment, sustainable sources users and  producers.
  • Cross data of ECOenergy and its implications in economy, health, environment, energy and transportation.

ECOenergy, within ECOnomY, represents the real sustainability, perhaps with more powerful actions and with the online accountability of the sector worldwide!