There are several energy sources but, in order to improve the operation, flexibility,reliability and efficiency there is a big trend to connect them to a bigger system called the Smart Grid.

Old SmartGrid

So far, Smart Grid’s  energy sources and all the equipment related with transmission, distribution and connection of them, include:

Nuclear, Thermal, Hydraulic, Fossil and  Renewable ( solar , wind, tide, biofuel).

Our  contribution is that we can now add and extra source of energy: Human Energy.

Energy from humans is clean, pure, available and very important :renewable.

New SmartGrid


What if people were a very important contributor of energy. In our proposal for a greener world, humans  can make a better contribution  by supplying their own energy. Helping  human energy powered technology could bring enormous benefits and impacts on several fields: Environment, Energy, Health, Economy and Society.

All kind of energy sources which are renewable and eco-friendly can be considered as ECO-energy sources:

Renewable energy (Solar, wind , tide, biomass, Algae) and Human energy.

In our ECO-nomY all the ECO-energy sources are welcome to join. By grouping them all we are generating a lot of advantages which are not currently present:

  • Real time information of the sustainable sources in terms of Energy in Kwh.
  • Online data of the world… in real time
  • Daily information of the contribution of ECO-energy to avoid GHE gases.
  • Economic behavior and interaction of sustainability.
  • Separate information by each type of source.
  • Better usage of help funds for sustainability.
  • Financial incentives for manufacturers and buyers of eco-friendly equipment, sustainable sources users and  producers.
  • Cross data of ECO-energy and its implications in economy, health, environment, energy and transportation.

ECO-energy, within ECO-nomY, represents the real sustainability, perhaps with more powerful actions and with the online accountability of the sector worldwide!