ECOpoints is the currency we have for ECOnomY.

The ECOpoints are the rewards obtained through an attitude  and action of being sustainable. Though there is some similarity with Frequent flyer miles and BitCoins, the ECOpoints have a much different approach and use, because they follow :

    • Universality. Our currency can be used worldwide
    • Redeemable: You can change your ECOpoints for goods or services. Money is not allowed now
    • Transferable. You can either donate or make payments with ECOpoints to any possible ECOfriend or ECOaffiliate of the world.

Advantages of ECOpoints

    • They are virtual, so, we can avoid banking services costs as long as we keep them in the cyberspace.
    • They relate your interest to save and protect the environment.
    • They can only be obtained through sustainable actions.
    • When they are obtained from riding a bike, using a Human Powered Device or our ECObikes, they are a good index of your current health
    • ECOpoints have equivalence with CO2 emissions, KWh (Energy). Cardio rate and Calories Burned. Since KWh has a cost it´s is fair that we give you back some of this money!

We are partnering with a lot of ECOaffiliates all over the world So, pretty soon everybody will be glad to pay in ECOpoints and make transactions under ECOnomY.