Human Energy

How powerful Human Energy could be?


1000 KWh  is equivalent to:

  • 0,69 metric tons of greenhouse CO2 emissions.
  • 741 pounds of coal burned to generate electricity.
  • 1,6 barrels of oil consumed in energy generation.
  • 28,7 propane cylinders used in home barbecues.
  • 67000 high efficiency LED lamps of 15 watts each, turned on, for one hour.


In order to simplify calculations and to have an example with any Human Powered Device like our ECO-bike, please assume that:

  • The human powered device  is capable of producing just 100 watts.
  • The person only works daily 10 minutes of its time
  • 60.000 persons have joined the program and using human powered generators
  • The average cost of Kwh in US dollar cents for every country is as follows: USA=9.43, Canada= 7.23, China=8.0 ,The Netherlands= 8.23, Belgium =11.7, Germany=15.22 Italy=15.7

KWh generated = (# of persons) x (# of minutes/60minutes)x (# of watts/1000watts)

= 60.000 people x (10min/60 min)x(100watts/1000 watts)= 1000KWh = 1 Megawatt

60.000 people, working out only 10 minutes each day would be avoiding 0,69 metrics tons of Greenhouse emissions of CO2 equivalent daily. In terms of electricity this is enough to illuminate one hour of 9523 homes with 10 LED lamps of 15 watts each.

Money is also important because, if the cost is 10cents per KWh dollar, the general saving would be 100USD per day, which can be used for incentives and prizes!

We have room to grow on human energy equipment (our ECO-bike generates between 100 and 200 watts), more people involved, simultaneous work, human energy harvesting, etc.

We are not considering any other possible health benefit here!