We are still performing tests on the platform and though it´s functional, we want to make sure that everything works as thought. Most of the web and APP features are ready .

The platform generates the real time indexes on the screen:

You can see global data and also filter it , in case that you want to make comparisons between your country and the rest of the world.


According to your interest, if you want to be part of ECO-nomY, you have to register first. By clicking on Sign up, several options appear on a pop-up menu. Each option has different requirements.

For now you can check the functionalities of the platform as an ECO-friend or ECO-affiliate. Here you can see your ECO-points and make transactions with them. All  the ECO-energy generated by renewable sources subscribed to ECO-nomY. You also see your health, based on the ECO-points generated by using any human powered device like our ECO-bikes. Finally, you also see the amount of Greenhouse emissions avoided and other very important environmental data.

One of the most important features we are developing is that you can compare your data either locally, by region , by country and versus the whole world.

In general, the dashboard allows you to:

  • Access all your data and profile
  • Make transactions with ECO-Points
  • Get compared data and world statistics
  • See you contributions to sustainability of the planet
  • Find local event, promotions and prizes about Sustainability

To visit the platform of ECO-nomY just click here


Depending how you plan to enter use the info below

If you want to try the DEMO, please enter your EMAIL. You´ll see the basic functions.

Or if you want to use the platform, please use:

ECO-friend> User: user,  Password: 12345678,  Acc_number: 123456


ECO-affiliate> User: shop,  Password: 12345678,  Acc_number: 987654


On the other hand we have also made an ECO-meter, to be able to bring info from many other platforms and devices all over the world. They can measure any health, electrical or environmental information and transmit the information to the platform under a specific and secure communications protocol.

For testing we have developed and ECO -meter and installed it on a real ECO-Bike located in Colombia, which can be monitored online from any place of the world. You can get access to it via any browser, through a Cell phone or PC

You can get access by clicking on hitechtecnica.ddns.net  or directly on the image below.  You should obtain a new page  like this:

Product ECO-NomY


If for some reason, you are unable to connect, please try at a later time since the system could be too busy, disconnected  or under local tests.

This is an online connection to a real ECO-Bike generator. For example if you click on any of the buttons under  “Controls”, let´s say “Alarm”, your command will turn on (or off) the Alarm directly in Colombia.

On the left upper corner, clicking on “Simulation”, the system will start showing data as it someone were pedaling on the ECO-Bike while producing energy, burning calories, avoiding GHE from harmful energy sources and winning some ECO-Points which can be redeemed later.

This is part of the project  can be adapted to any other sustainable source or third party human powered device to be included in our system.


This platform will be available to everyone and since it´s exclusively associated with sustainability, we expect that it will lead all of us toward a better world!