Now, having a new positive attitude towards protecting the environment is really paying off!

Sustainable Actions are all those actions which can benefit the planet. There are many ways:

  • Riding a bike to work or to school.
  • Planting trees
  • Bringing your plastic bags at shops
  • Refusing plastic containers and straws
  • Using public transport instead of  your own car.
  • Installing solar panels
  • Implementing renewable energy sources like biofuel.
  • Instead of re-using plastic bottles, sending them back to the manufacturer.
  • Using the energy from the sun, wind or tides.
  • Educating others on sustainable practices.
  • Using the energy from humans to make any work ( mechanical or electric)

If every person develops at least one sustainable action, the total contribution will produce big changes!

The  way ECO-nomY measures any sustainable action and bring it to the platform of  varies.

  • Some sustainable actions like riding bikes (by encouraging workers and students) are attended by other platforms which can send their daily data to us.
  • For programs on returning plastic to the manufacturers, avoiding more consumption of plastic products( bags, straws, etc) ECO-nomY uses DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) with the affiliated programs.
  • For solar systems and installations, in order to connect them to ECO-nomY some communication protocols have to to be used. Adding  an ECO-meter supplied by us is another possibility.
  • Human Powered Devices and ECO-bikes include and ECO-meter which is already fully compatible with ECO-nomY.

We are always willing to include new Sustainable Actions.

Environmental and Technological partners are welcome!