Global Sustainability

The planet is needing our help . We are destroying and wasting its resources.

What if all of us contribute for a greener planet. It will become SUSTAINABLE.

First take a look to our proposal:

When you care about the possible effects of your acts and you change your perception about the problem then you are ready to make what we call a “Sustainable Action”. These ones are positive actions benefiting the planet, no matter where you live in.

There are many types of Sustainable Actions:

      • Riding a bike to work
      • Planting trees
      • Reusing plastic bags
      • Refusing plastic containers and straws
      • Using public transportation instead of own cars
      • Installing solar panels
      • Implementing renewable energy sources
      • Using the energy from the sun, wind or tides
      • Using the energy from humans to make any work ( mechanical or electric)
      • Many others

Yes, that´s right…

ECOnomY is an innovative system/platform/smart-grid/social network application which measures Sustainable Actions for the planet  and rewards them with ECOpoints.

It accounts all the sustainable actions around the world and generates valuable indexes which show, in real time, how humans are behaving with the planet. We are partnering with all sort of platforms and initiatives which are devoted to promote any sustainable actions.

Visit the site and discover how you can be part of ECOnomY.