About us

We are dreaming of a new world where humans are more environmentally responsible. Our interest is to promote among people the idea that we can really help our planet if we want, and also obtain economic and/or health benefits.

The Smartgrid, among other sources, accounts only for renewable energy, but we want to demonstrate that people can have a significant impact because we also have energy and can use it for the benefit of all.

We advocate the creation of a new category in the Smart Grid: Human Energy!

Since then, we have been developing this new economy called ECOnomY (with an accent on the second “o”) to differentiate it from the classic concept. ECOnomY has several powerful concepts:

    • Around sustainability.
    • Related to clean energy sources known as renewable energy sources and human energy.
    • Own currency: ECOpoInts.
    • Universal.

All concepts have a broader explanation.