Basic Concept

ECOnomY is pronounced with accent on the second “o” in order to differentiate it from the classical economy.

ECOnomY is a new economy model based on sustainability, where people get rewards in prizes and ECOpoinTs if they perform sustainable actions. This means that one of the final goals is (not necessarily make money) to be responsible with the planet.

It’s originated in the need of helping the planet with actions and not with words. For years, the countries have been trying to find a consensus around the responsibility of each of them in stopping Greenhouse emission and their effect on climate change and food availability.

ECOnomY is a new approach to sustainability where people become part of the solution and, based on their efforts and contribution; get ECOpoinTs which are a virtual, universal and ecological currency.

The importance of ECOnomY relies in the fact that the ECOpoinTs could become a more universal currency which can be used either locally or worldwide (similar to the airline and frequent flyer miles) to pay (redeem) for goods and services with a simple process.  Since they imply physical exercise ( if they use ECObiKes) and usable energy instead that the one coming from fossil fuels there are powerful benefits: People get economic prizes and rewards, People win in health, Environment wins because of less CO2 emissions, Utility wins because more availability of energy.

This is an innovative system/platform/energy/social network application, fully compatible with utility grids, which for now is related to clean energy coming from renewable and human sources. Any possible source of alternative and renewable energy like solar, fuel cells or very important “human powered devices” can be connected to this grid. As an example and to prove the importance we also have designed the ECObiKe, among other human powered devices, which allows the conversion of muscular human power into usable energy and with the advantage, that health parameters can also be monitored via internet.

After a free registration and, according to the contribution, the person gets credited with certain amount of ECOpoinTs. Thru his cell phone or web access he gets reports of ECOpoinTs (with several possible transactions), calories burned, health statistics, GHE avoided, geographical and compared data, etc.

Coffee, train, bus or movie tickets, dinner, gifts, travels, etc. can be paid using ECOpoinTs. There are also random prizes or rewards for people using the system on a daily basis.

This systemic approach requires an interdisciplinary knowledge.


Stakeholders of ECOnomY

This model has four very important users:

Friends, Sponsors, Affiliates and Energy sources


    • ECOnomY: A new model of economy around sustainability
    • ECOfrIends: All the people which have joined the program
    • ECOsponSor: All those institutions and companies which can support sustainability
    • ECOaffiLiate: shops and companies which can transact with the currency of ECOnomY