Helping the planet is everyone’s responsibility. Public and private institutions have the responsibility to achieve sustainable development goals for any country. This implies making the necessary decisions to maximize the well-being of people and protect the natural resources of their environment in order to act responsibly with future generations.

The benefits of developing and implementing a corporate sustainability strategy can change the course of your country or organization. The reality is that there are no trade-offs between your profitability and environmental and social responsibility.

ECOsponsor, your institution has several advantages:

    • Improved brand image and competitive advantage.
    • Improve image, reputation and brand recognition.
    • Energy conservation strategies.
    • Attract employees and investors.
    • Prepared for the future.

How is the use of the ECOpoints contributed by an ECOsponsor known?

As ECOsponsor you have real-time information on how your contribution has been used and how the sustainability index is doing, for your company, your employees, your city, your country and the world.

Is there any report on the SUSTAINABILITY generated by my company?

Of course. Better yet, since your contribution automatically becomes a better planet, full of sustainable actions, ECOnomY will issue, apart from the report, a CERTIFICATE of sustainability with the name of your company and your contribution to a better planet. Your name will appear on the local WEB in each country.