Renewable Energy

In order to secure the future, humans have to prepare themselves  to be able to provide energy which can be obtained trough out the time without any critical dependency like the one we have now with Oil, or with the risks for human exposure to nuclear radiation.

Renewable energy

Many countries like Germany and Denmark have defined a path towards sustainability, by replacing all types of energy and use just renewable energy.

Renewable energy brings new jobs for everyone and massification will cut costs down to have a wider impact . The general economy of every country will save on fossil fuel costs and generate profit on obtaining tax and lease revenues.

Some countries like Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria,  are developing simple ways to introduce these sources to become important part of the smart-grid. For such a purpose, metering systems and Internet of Things concepts have to be added to the renewable power solution.

ECO-nomY , will supply the technology for a low cost system able to gather data  and bring it to the platform in real time. Scale quantities of this device will make it affordable to everyone.